LargeBriefcaseA shared frame of reference is essential for effective written and oral communication within an organization. For companies to prosper, their employees must continue to develop and expand their skills. Sharpened Fluency is committed to assisting your organization to further develop your employees’ communication skills and their understanding of common language usage.

Sharpened Fluency provides one-on-one coaching and group workshops for employees and their families. Sharpened Fluency has the ability to customize its programming to incorporate your industry’s technical terminology or jargon. Programming can be structured to focus on either one or multiple language issues, including:

  • Understanding of English grammar rules;
  • Writing skills;
  • Speaking skills, including pronunciation;
  • Reading comprehension skills; and
  • Listening skills.

Sharpened Fluency believes in incorporating content that is relevant to the learner into communication lessons. Learners will be more engaged when the language lessons apply to their professional roles. This one-on-one coaching allows for even greater customization to the clients’ communication development needs.

The benefits of providing language instruction to employees are apparent, but have you considered the importance of providing the same services to employees’ families? By assisting families, the entire family can become more easily settled in their new environments and establish a connection to their new communities. Family instruction can be done in small group or one-on-one settings. 

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