Sharpened Fluency’s mission is to enable professionals and students to communicate more effectively.

About Sharpened Fluency

Sharpened Fluency was founded to educate and assist non-native English-speaking professionals and students. “Fluency,” the ability to express oneself easily and articulately, is a common goal among English language learners (ELLs). Many non-native English speakers already possess general knowledge of the language, but their lack of mastering the language prevents them from reaching their career goals.

While some organizations promise accent reduction, Sharpened Fluency’s focus is on its clients’ understanding English language messages they receive and being understood when they deliver English language messages. Sharpened Fluency seeks to do more than just teach its clients to write or speak to avoid errors. Sharpened Fluency’s clients will be able to clearly and confidently communicate their thoughts and ideas; their voices will be heard, both literally and figuratively. It is the organization’s belief that accent and/or language skills should not be barriers to advancement in one’s career. Sharpened Fluency strives to help its clients reach their full potential.


About Katie

KatieHeadshotKatie Lanius, is the founder of Sharpened Fluency, LLC, and she specializes in creating, implementing, and facilitating communication training for non-native English speakers. Katie’s focus is to ensure that all clients improve their English communication skills.

Prior to founding Sharpened Fluency, Katie was a manager with Deloitte Tax LLP. At Deloitte, Katie managed tax compliance engagements while also leading numerous training seminars and coaching staff. While at Deloitte, she was awarded the organization’s Quest Award (with a Diversity and Inclusion distinction), which recognizes excellence in coaching. Katie has also been a volunteer English as a Second Language tutor with St. Louis Community College and the Catherine McAuley Center in Cedar Rapids. In 2011, Katie was named “Exceptional New Tutor,” by St. Louis Community College.

Katie received her B.S. from Valparaiso University and J.D. from the University of Missouri School of Law. She is presently studying for her M.A. in English as Second Language through Arizona State University, with anticipated completion in May 2015.